Purefolio Commercial Nano Atomizer Sprayer USB Rechargeable Blue Light Fog Portable

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he Perfect Solution for Businesses and Commercial use 

Perfect for sanitizing, disinfecting, and removing odours in schools, offices, and homes.

Perfect for use with Purefolio Spray products.

Also known as nano spray disinfectant, under the guidance, put the spray liquid,  into the bottle, and the liquid will be atomized, with 6 LED blue lights can carry out efficient cleaning and disinfection without dead corners.

It is suitable for disinfecting offices, hotels, automobiles and other indoor places

It is suitable for the disinfection of outdoor places such as parks and waiting stations

It is suitable for disinfecting tables, chairs, sofas, cabinets, bathtubs, toys, clothes, and hats, etc




  • Strength Display: high-grade & low grade

  • Battery capacity:  6000mAh large capacity  The battery life is 120 minutes

  • Advanced interface:  USB Type-C   More comfortable humanized experience



  • Stainless steel nozzle: Corrosion-resistant, no block technology.

  • Six blue lights: No dead corner, high efficiency




  • ABS body: Impact resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, lightweight

  • The fuselage design: Creative design, simple and generous

         HDPE water bottle: Corrosion-resistant, more practical

  • Use white bottle body: Maximum protection of disinfectant  activity, extend the validity of disinfectant


Specification Parameters:

Product Name: Nano Portable Hand-held Fogger Sprayer    

Colour: White           

Power (Double air pump): 15W 

Battery Capacity:  6000 mAh          

Charging Duration: 4.5 hours (USB Type-C,5V/2A)

Run Duration: 120 minutes

Solution Tank Capacity: 500mL

Gears: Lower gear and higher gear, each gear will automatically shut down after 3 minutes of working

Product Size: 24.7*8*18.5cm (Including water tank)        

Product Weight: 675g                                  

Max Throw Distance: 1M~1.5M               

Material: ABS (Body), HDPE (Water tank)


With regards to the safety and insurance on this item:

We offer a manufacturer’s warranty of one year on the Atomizers for fair and normal use.

In each box, are the complete safety instructions and user manual.

Please note in the instructions, that the atomisers should not be turned upside down to prevent gravity from forcing the liquid into the motor.

We recommend charging on low-voltage USB devices like computers as new quick-charging phone plugs can be too strong for the device, and deliver a very high charging rate.

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