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Snake Bite KitSnake Bite Kit
Snake Bite Kit
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Snake and Spider Bite Kit
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Caravan Modular Soft Pack First Aid Kit
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At least 6 varieties of spider are venomous enough to kill people. Investing in tools that can help treat venomous bites is crucial for anyone who lives in a spider or snake infested areas as well as for Snake Catchers out in the field. 

If you are an outdoor adventurer, you will feel more secure if you bring along Allstate Healthcare’s portable and compact Snake & Spider Bite First Aid Kits during your camping and hiking trips

Snake Bite First Aid Kit Australia

The Allstate Healthcare snake bite emergency kit was created in Australia by renowned first aid professionals and snake safety experts to address potentially fatal snake bites.

This Kit includes all the first aid supplies required to help treat venomous snakes or funnel-web spider bites on-site and life-saving instructions on properly bandaging a snake bite.

This Snake Bite First Aid Kit is strong and small, and it can be quickly attached to backpacks, mountain bikes, hiking and camping equipment, belts, and other items. 

Spider Bite First Aid Kit Australia

If you enjoy hiking, camping, and being close to nature, you are bound to encounter some spiders along the way. Although most spiders are harmless, some, especially those in the wild can cause irritations, while others can be venomous like the Funnel Web Spider. 

To help you in case of outdoor incidents, it is best to have a spider bite first aid kit around. 

The spider bite first aid kit from Allstate Healthcare is a useful addition to your first aid supplies, car glove box, backpack, etc.

Two tension indicator bandages are included in the kit to help you determine how tightly to wrap the wounds in order to prevent poisons from entering the lymphatic system.

In addition, the kit comes with instructions on how to apply the Pressure Immobilization Technique.

Snake Bite Survival Kits Australia

A snake bite kit is also a very useful tool that you can carry around when you enjoy outdoors or even in your home. 

It is recommended to head straight to the hospital for treatment after being bitten by a snake. But what if you are in the great outdoors without quick access to medical help? Failing to get immediate medical attention could endanger both your life and that of another person. Of course, using a snake bite kit in remote places is the most effective lifesaving tool that will keep you alive until you can be treated by medical personnel. A person who has been bitten by a snake should not move and should have a snake bite bandage applied immediately. The arm or leg should be immobilised and the person should lie still until emergency responders can attend or evacuate the person to the hospital.

The kit includes 2 Snake bite indicator bandages and a First Aid Guide Specific to snake bites.


Triangular bandage 110 x 110 x 155cm x 1.

Non-adherent dressings 5 x 5cm x 1.

Snake bite indicator bandages 10cm x 4m x 2.

First aid leaflet x 1.

Whether at home or on an outdoor adventure, it would be best to invest in emergency kits for snake and spider bites. Emergencies like these can happen anywhere. View our product page at Allstate Healthcare to know more about our emergency kits and products ideal for your home, work, and even outdoors.

Best Snake Bite Kits in Australia

Snake bites can occur unexpectedly in the comfort of your home and while on an adventure in nature. A snake bite kit readily available is crucial for immediate response and can significantly affect the outcome of a snake bite incident. Let's explore why snake bite kits are essential and their practical applications:

Immediate First Aid Response

Snake bite kits are designed to provide immediate first aid response in case of snake bites. When a snake bite occurs, time is of the essence. A snake bite kit allows you to take prompt action before seeking professional medical help, potentially reducing the severity of the bite and mitigating complications.

Bandages and Compression

Snake bite kits typically contain bandages and compression devices. These are used to immobilise the affected limb and restrict the circulation of the venom. By applying pressure and immobilising the area, the kit helps slow down the venom's movement through the bloodstream, providing temporary relief and buying valuable time until medical professionals can administer proper treatment. Splints are also essential.

Cleaning and Marking Supplies

Snake bite kits often include antiseptic wipes or solutions to clean the wound before applying any treatments. However, it would be best to avoid washing or cleaning the bitten area so a venom sample can be easily obtained when professional medical help arrives. 

Additionally, they may provide markers to outline the bite area. These supplies assist medical professionals in identifying the precise location of the bite, facilitating proper treatment. Jewellery should also be removed when dealing with snake bites.

Even if you live in an urban area, snake bites can occur in unexpected situations. For example, snakes may enter homes, gardens, or garages. A snake bite kit at home ensures you can respond immediately in case of a snake bite incident, providing initial first aid before seeking medical assistance.

Remember, while snake bite kits can help provide initial first aid, they are not a substitute for professional medical care. It is essential to seek immediate medical attention after a snake bite, regardless of the treatment provided with the kit.

What To Do in Case of a Snake Bite

In Australia, snake bites can happen anytime and anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Snakes expel venom with pressure using their fangs located in the upper jaw. In case of a snake bite, it is crucial to act promptly and follow these steps:

  • Ensure that the individual does not make any sudden movements.
  • Gently lay the affected person down, providing them with rest and reassurance.
  • If the snake bite occurs on a limb, promptly apply a wide pressure bandage over the bite site. 
  • Subsequently, apply an additional elastic or firm bandage, starting from the fingers or toes and progressing up the limb as far as possible. Secure the bandage tightly but avoid obstructing blood circulation. A Pressure Immobilisation Bandage (PIB) is the best option to do this.
  • Splints are a must. Stabilise the limb by splinting it, including the joints on both sides of the bite.
  • Note the time of the snake bite and when the bandage was applied.
  • If the person loses consciousness and breathing becomes irregular, begin CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and use a defibrillator if available.

Avoid the following actions when bitten by a snake:

  • Do not wash the venom off the skin, as it can assist in identifying the snake.
  • Refrain from cutting the bitten area and attempting to suck the venom out of the wound.
  • Avoid using a tourniquet.
  • Do not try to capture the snake.

Allstate Healthcare offers a range of reliable and comprehensive options regarding snake bite kits. Our kits are designed to provide the necessary tools and supplies to respond effectively to snake bites. Whether at home or during your adventures, trust Allstate Healthcare for high-quality snake bite kits to keep you prepared and safe in any snake encounter.