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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
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V3R SAN-AIR Purifier Gel 75gV3R SAN-AIR Purifier Gel 75g
V3R SAN-AIR Purifier Gel 75g
Sale price$29.95 Regular price$32.95
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SAN-AIR V3 Commercial / Household Grade Air & Surface Disinfectant RTUSAN-AIR V3 Commercial / Household Grade Air & Surface Disinfectant RTU
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SAN-AIR V3 Covid BUNDLE - Surface Disinfectant RTU  + Air Purifier Gel + Atomizer Gun
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V3R SAN-AIR Conditioning Gel 100gV3R SAN-AIR Conditioning Gel 100g
V3R SAN-AIR Conditioning Gel 100g
Sale price$39.95 Regular price$45.00
SAN-AIR Car Air Purifier Gel 75g
Save $12.95
San-Air Fan Dispenser with Air Purifier Gel BundleSan-Air Fan Dispenser with Air Purifier Gel Bundle
Save $20.00
SAN-AIR V3R Xtra Deep Clean 1 Litre (ready to use)SAN-AIR V3R Xtra Deep Clean 1 Litre (ready to use)
Victory Cordless ElectroStatic SprayerVictory Cordless ElectroStatic Sprayer

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The San-Air Air Purifier is the perfect way to keep your home or office clean and free of harmful germs, bacteria, and mould spores. Made from 100% scientifically proven and tested essential oils, this reactive air purifier gel is a top choice for anyone looking for an effective and safe way to clean their indoor air. With the ability to remove up to 78% of Covid from a room in just ten minutes, the San-Air Air Purifier is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their indoor air quality. 100% Australian-made and safe for both people and pets, the San-Air Air Purifier is an affordable and easy way to keep your family healthy and your home clean. Order yours today and see the difference!

Buy Air Purifiers Australia

San-Air’s Australian air purifier products are a product of natural science. A treatment offered by SAN-AIR has been proven to eliminate mould, germs, and viruses by up to 99.99%.

In addition to eliminating the bacteria, SAN-AIR products also prevent further contamination from happening. Enjoy a safe, sound, and healthy home with SAN-AIR air purifier products.

Best Air Purifiers Australia

The best air purifiers in Australia offer convenience, comfort, and safety in one’s home. Its features include the following: 

KILLS GERMS - Through the effective use of 100% scientifically tested and validated essential oils, San-Air Air Purifying Gel kills 99% of all mould, bacteria, fungus & spores.

100% SAFE & AUSTRALIAN MADE - Made using 100% Australian materials. The San Air products contain no harmful chemicals and are one of the safest mould removal products on the market

REDUCES ODOURS - The use of aromatic essential oils lessen scents from things like smoke, cooking fumes, and pet odours.

COVID EFFECTIVE - Our product has been independently tested and proven to eliminate up to 78% of airborne Covid-19 in 10 minutes.

For reliable, high-quality, and portable air purifier gels & Air Cleaner Australia, SAN-AIR is the brand to trust.

How To Use

Simply open up the San Air Gel and place it in the affected room you wish to have sanitised. The Gel does the rest of the work, evaporating and combating impurities in the air.

Alternatively, you can purchase our Fan Air Dispenser bundled with the Reactive gel for a better spread and a more thorough efficient clean.