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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
Surgical tape 2.5cm Hypo-Allergenic
Tape zinc oxide 2.5cm x 5mTape zinc oxide 2.5cm x 5m
Tape surgical 1.25cm hypo-allergenicTape surgical 1.25cm hypo-allergenic
Tape zinc oxide 1.25cm x 5m
Tape Zinc Oxide, Water Resistant,  5cm x 5mTape Zinc Oxide, Water Resistant,  5cm x 5m

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This is the very reason why first aid kids are essential. A first aid kit is a set of necessary medical tools and supplies that can be used to treat a variety of minor wounds. Being prepared with a first aid kit can lessen the severity of an injury and stop additional complications. Knowing you have the resources to deal with a sudden injury or emergency also brings peace of mind.

Adhesive tapes are helpful additions you can include inside your first aid kits. It may hold bandages, gauze, and other wound treatments in place. Additionally, it can be applied to seal tiny wounds, maintain splints, and fasten cold packs to injured areas. The dressings are kept in place to promote appropriate healing and lower the risk of additional injury thanks to the powerful yet flexible and non-irritating adhesive.

Surgical Tape Australia

A surgical tape is a common form of adhesive tape seen in medical facilities, including first aid kits. These tapes are flexible and non-irritating, making them perfect for usage on sensitive or delicate skin.

The following advantages of surgical tapes make them a necessary part of first aid kits:

Helps Secure Dressings

Bandages, gauze, and other wound dressings can be held in place with surgical tapes, lowering the possibility of the dressings slipping or becoming dislodged.


In contrast to different kinds of tape, surgical tapes are non-irritating, making them perfect for use on sensitive skin and in places where irritation might delay recovery.


Surgical tapes can move with the skin thanks to their flexibility, which lowers the chance of future damage. They are perfect for use on joints and other locations requiring mobility.


Surgical tapes have a wide range of uses, including bandaging incisions, stabilising splints, and attaching ice packs to injured locations.

Zinc Oxide Tape Australia

Zinc oxide tape is frequently used in first aid kits and sports medicine. It is constructed from a soft, stretchy cloth with a zinc oxide adhesive coating.

Zinc Oxide Tape with dimensions of 5cm x 5m is a common type of adhesive medical tape in Australia. This rigid strapping tape is primarily used for joint immobilisation and support. It is made of a strong cotton material with a zinc oxide adhesive, which provides excellent adhesion and skin-friendly properties.

In addition to its use in sports and joint injuries, zinc oxide tape is also helpful in wound care. Its strong adhesion properties make it an excellent choice for securing wound dressings and preventing them from moving or falling off. It is also waterproof, which means it can be worn during showering or swimming, making it a more convenient option for patients with active lifestyles.

Adhesive Medical Tape Australia

Many brands and types of adhesive medical tape are available in Australia, including products from Allstate Healthcare. These tapes come in various sizes, materials, and adhesion levels to suit different needs, such as securing dressings or tubing, wound closure, or immobilising joints. 

To ensure that you are getting the best adhesive tapes for your medical emergency needs, contact us at Allstate Healthcare. We are always ready to help.