Welcome to Allstate Healthcare! 

At Allstate Healthcare, we’re passionate about keeping you safe with comprehensive first aid kits and innovative home essentials to tackle everything from snake bites to mould. We work hard to provide the best health solutions on the market so you can live life to the fullest, knowing you’re prepared for the worst.
We think carefully about the contents of all our first aid kits so that you can be sure, that our kits will be "exactly what you were after" and up to the task.

We are passionate bushwalkers, so we have the opportunity to test our products rigorously.
From wound closure strips, to instant ice-packs and snake bandages, we have used them all and can therefore guarantee that our products will keep you safe at your workplace, home and while exploring the great outdoors.

We are constantly searching for new products that makes sense to keep our customers safe in their pursuits and at work.

If you have a question about any of our products please get in touch.
If there are products out there that we should stock, please let us know. We welcome feedback in the pursuit of excellence, so let us know where we can improve.

With our sincere thanks,
The AHC Team
Stephen, Neill, Russell and Electra. 


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