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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
Burn Gel sachet 3.5g
Burn Gel Tube 25g
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Burn Gel sachet 3.5g Box/10 (GST Free)Burn Gel sachet 3.5g Box/10 (GST Free)
Burn Gel sachet 3.5g Box/10 (GST Free)
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Burn Gel dressing (10x10cm)Burn Gel dressing (10x10cm)

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For minor burns, sunburns, and scalds, use Allstate Healthcare's AeroBurn Burn Gel. It comes in a handy pack that can easily fit inside your bag or travelling kit. It is a perfect addition to your first aid kit at home and on the go.

Burn Gel Sachets

Burn gel sachets are easy to use and carry and can fit almost anywhere. Place one in your purse, your bathroom, your car, or even at work.

AeroBurn Burn gel features a hydrogel formula that contains 90% water. The water content and its other components create a soothing feeling on the skin. Additionally, it prevents further skin damage.

It is a common practice to use ice or cold water when treating burns. This is however not the recommended treatment. Compared to burn gels that are specifically formulated to relieve burn pains, cold water and ice may contain contaminants invisible to the eye that can irritate the burn further. The same is true with oil, butter, and sprays. They are not formulated to treat the skin or relieve pain caused by scalding and burns. The best treatment for a burn is to place the burnt area under cold running water for 15 minutes. 

In the absence of water, then a burn gel can be used. However, for severe scalding and burns, a quick visit to the doctor or emergency room is the best option.

Burn Gel Dressing

When caring for burns, scalds and severe sunburns, it would be best to apply burn gel dressings on the affected area. Aeroburn Burn Gel Dressing offers immediate cooling effects on the burned region. 

Additionally, it helps keep the wound protected from possible dirt and other contaminants that may cause infection. Applying a burn gel dressing also aids in preventing further skin damage. Together with a burn gel treatment, this combination encourages faster healing and relieves pain.

Allstate Healthcare's burn gel dressings come in 10cm x10cm sizes. It is sterile-infused and non-woven. Additionally it is proven to be more effective in relieving burn wounds compared to other DIY and traditional methods. 

It is advised to use the burn dressing for up to 2 hours. Redressing or cooling using running water after every 2 hours is ideal.

Burn Care Gel Tube

For those who enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors under the sun, or someone often exposed to heat in the kitchen, having a hand Aeroburn Burn Gel Tube is economical. Instead of the usual sachet pack, go for the larger packaging that offers the same benefits. Treating the burn, by placing the burn under running water for 15 minutes is ideal.

This water-based burn gel formula does not adhere to the wound preventing further skin damage. Cover it with a gel dressing after applying it for faster healing and better pain relief. Additional product features include:

  • Hydrates the burn areas
  • Gives a cooling effect
  • Ideal for superficial burns, scalds, and sun damage
  • Applicable to fire and sunburns

For safe and effective relief for burns and scalds, check out Aeroburn’s gel treatments from Allstate Healthcare. Contact us to learn more about our products.