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SAN-AIR DIY Mould and Bacteria Test Kit -(2 or 10 Pack)SAN-AIR DIY Mould and Bacteria Test Kit -(2 or 10 Pack)
SAN-AIR DIY Mould and Bacteria Test Kit -(2 or 10 Pack)
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The San-Air Mould Test Kit Australia is your perfect partner for a safe, clean, and sanitised home.

You've got mould in your house, but you have no idea where it is, what's causing it, or where to look. San-Air Mould Remover Test Kits can assist you in finding solutions to your challenges.

Since mould frequently grows in locations you can't see or don't get to clean very regularly, the stench is usually the first indicator. Of course, the ultimate goal is to prevent mould from ever developing. The top places you want to look are areas that are high in moisture or humidity, generally enclosed away from sunlight & in warmer environments, Areas such as your kitchen, bathroom, basement/cellar, cupboards & closets.

Buy Mould Test Kits Australia

Buy your authentic and easy to use mould test kits from AllState Healthcare. Our San-Air Mould Remover Tests Kits are readily available for you to use.

  • Find Mould Fast: San-Air Portable Home DIY Mould Test Kit is one of the safest and easiest ways to test for the presence of mould in your home.
  • Best for Indoor Testing: The San-Air Mould Test Kit can be used both for indoor and outdoor surface mould testing. Detects unseen mould inside your home easily with the San-Air Home Mould Test Kit.
  • Complete and Easy to Use: An ampoule and a slide are all you need to test for bacteria in the home.
  • Perfect for Surfaces and HVAC: This mould detection kit can test surface moulds or collect an air sample from a building's HVAC. 
  • Secure packaging, simple to use
  • An easy method to shield your family against Harmful Mould and Bacteria

Home Mould Test Kits Australia

Have you recently worried about a water damage or mould issue? You may now appreciate how unsettling it can be to not be able to detect mould growth in your home. Nobody wants to deal with the anxiety of a health concern they don't fully understand, and to make matters worse, hiring a "Professional" can cost between $400 and $500. Use this test to be certain and put your mind at ease. Mould and the chemicals it produces can both be hazardous and invisible.

San-Air Home Mould Test Kits would be the perfect option to see and check if your home is indeed infested with mould. Simply apply to the area you wish to test, then use our San-Air Mould Remover Spray to clean the area and our San-Air Mould Gone gel to prevent regrowth of the mould. 

Quality Mould Test Kits Australia

Our kit checks for every type of mould. We provide a guide to explain how to correctly assess your house mould and bacteria. A very significant and frequently disregarded component of mould testing is inspections. You can overlook a serious problem with your property if you don't thoroughly inspect it. Our goal is to instruct you on how to spot issues and effectively use our mould test equipment.