PUREFOLIO Air Purifier 250ml Spray

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The PUREFOLIO Air Purifier Spray Immediately and effectively cleans the air within any enclosed environment. Spray 2 to 3 times into the air to remove 98% of airborne microbes such as bacteria, mould, and fungal spores, thereby dramatically reducing odour*, mildew, mustiness and dust mites. Once coming into contact with airborne particles containing bacteria, mould and fungal spores the Air Purifier will prevent them from growing and reproducing.

Suitable within all enclosed air environments:

Living spaces including bedrooms

High moisture areas such as bathrooms and laundries

Storage units, wardrobes and cupboards

Public areas and workspaces

Vehicles and other modes of transport

Cool rooms and areas of high humidity

Rooms with an air conditioning system

*including odours from pets, tobacco, dampness, vomit, toilet and other household smells in enclosed spaces.

It is safe to use around babies, children and pets. Keep out of their reach as it’s not to be consumed.

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