We are very proud to be associated with Wires and received the following email:

"WIRES has been working very hard over the last 12 months to expand our emergency response capabilities, both here in NSW and across Australia. We currently have 5 fully equipped emergency response vehicles in NSW and QLD, and will soon have an additional vehicle and staff member in Tasmania. All vehicles have been fitted out and have an extensive range of equipment on board. This includes rescue and safety equipment, as well as medical and first aid supplies. We have 5 (soon 6) Emergency Responders, who are out on the road each day attending to the most critical wildlife rescues and emergencies.


In addition to our Emergency Responders we have established volunteer emergency response teams across 27 of our WIRES branches. They have been provided with specialised emergency response training and have the capacity to respond to emergency situations across NSW.  All of our team leaders participate in first aid training, gaining accreditation through St. John Ambulance NSW.


Each ER volunteer team and emergency response vehicle are equipped with emergency kits and first aid supplies which can potentially be utilised in their critical work. Wildlife emergencies can be unpredictable and potentially dangerous at times for both staff and volunteers, so being equipped with first aid supplies is imperative to ensuring that we have a high standard of safety at all times.


Your support in donating these supplies is a most helpful and much appreciated contribution to our important work."




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