Pingi Extra Large 450g Moisture Absorber (reuseable)

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Pingi moisture absorbers: the innovative solution (Microwave or Sun Recharges to use again)

Suitable for rooms: smaller than 10m³.

Eliminate, moisture, mould and musty smells from a variety of places with the Pingi reusable moisture absorbers. These mini dehumidifiers can be placed virtually anywhere in the home, on a boat, in a caravan, or car. Pingi is sold in  22 countries and has undergone extensive testing in Europe and the USA, meeting the highest international quality standards.

Pingi moisture absorbers improve air quality and protect valuable possessions from the damaging effects of moisture. Pingi dehumidifiers are a revolutionary new way to dry small damp spaces using silica gel to absorb surplus moisture. Unlike other products, Pingi is reusable and does not require refills. Therefore, they represent a once-off investment – and a very modest one at that – leading to years of use! We provide quality products that are sure to impress and provide superior online customer service. 

There are many situations where we encounter unwelcome moisture and musty odours. The areas listed below are often associated with these problems, and the use of Pingi dehumidifiers will help alleviate such concerns and protect your valuable possessions from moisture and mould. Pingis are the superior and most sustainable method of removing moisture issues, as the products have been tested extensively and are made with quality materials to ensure reuse. Time to give moisture and mould the flick!

  • Cupboards
  • Wardrobes
  • Bedrooms
  • Bookcases
  • Safes
  • Tool Boxes
  • Caravans
  • Pantries
  • Shoe cabinets
  • Sports bags
  • Car Interiors
  • Other storage areas
  • Boats
  • Laundry rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Drying Wet Smartphones
  • Camera & other electronic equipment bags
  • Other enclosed spaces with little ventilation


Why Pingi?

Dehumidifiers – Safer, Greener and Reusable

Pingi dehumidifiers have the following advantages:

  • Reusable over a long period of time
  • Pingis do not need refills or require electricity
  • Leak-free as the moisture is held in using silica gel pellets
  • Child and pet safe
  • Eco-friendly as calcium chloride is not used and Pingis can be reused multiple times
  • Easy to use as Pingi dehumidifiers won’t leak and can be placed virtually anywhere
  • Adaptable to numerous applications in homes, cars, caravans, RVs, and boats
  • Tested and approved in Germany (TÜV Rheinland)

Pingi dehumidifiers come in three sizes 

The Pingi line of dehumidifiers were developed and branded more than six years ago in the Netherlands, The Pingi product range has been extensively tested by TÜV Rheinland and Reach Laboratories in Hamburg. This ensures the highest quality and safety standards are met. This is an ongoing process to provide our customers with the best and safest technology available.

 Most dehumidifying products on the market require refilling with salt-based absorbing agents.

Yet Pingi dehumidifiers are unique as they never require refilling. The Pingi also will not leak as the moisture is held in suspension by silica gel, which is harmless to humans and the environment. Pingi products can be discarded in landfills. It will have no more negative effects on the environment than sand. On the other hand, competing brands that use salt-based products are not recommended for disposal in public landfills as the chlorine and salt can seep into underground water tables.

Pingi Dehumidifiers are the SMARTER way to dry damp enclosed spaces.

Please note: The Pingi dehumidifier bags are a great moisture absorber and easy to recharge in the microwave. When the moisture indicator changes from blue to pink, full saturation has been reached.

Recharging Pingis

Recharging instructions for Pingi damp absorbers

Pingi rechargeable damp absorbers are a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to combat moisture and mould problems. Recharging Pingis is possible in a microwave (600W) or in the sun. Please follow the guidelines below when recharging your Pingi moisture absorber to yield superior results.

The penguin indicator on Pingi damp absorbers will gradually change colour from blue to light pink as the silica gel within the bag absorbs the moisture until it reaches the point of saturation. The indicator is a rough guide only, and we recommend weighing the Pingi to determine when recharging is necessary. Each Pingi can absorb approximately 30% of its weight before recharging is required. Recharging in a microwave tends to produce a superior result and is quicker than recharging Pingis in the sun.

Damp Absorbers - Recharging PINGIs
Fast recharging in the microwave oven!

Remove the string bow and place your Pingi with the indicator facing upwards on a plate (with folded kitchen paper underneath) into a clean, fat and grease-free microwave oven (600W) for the time specified below.

Pingi Mini: 3 minutes

Pingi Bag: 5 minutes

Pingi XL: 6 minutes, then remove Pingi XL for 5 minutes and dry the microwave and then place your Pingi back into the microwave for another 6 minutes.

The moisture indicator will change colour from light pink back to blue after recharging. Let your Pingi cool off and reposition the bow after 5-10 minutes.

Please note if you are using a stronger microwave oven (eg. 1000W), please reduce the above times by 40%.

Your Pingi damp absorber is ready for use again!

Please Note: Do not rip the bag and use only according to packaging instructions. Never place Pingi damp absorbers into a microwave when the indicator is blue or before it has reached its original weight + 30% as it can split and be permanently damaged. Make sure your microwave is clean before recharging your Pingi. 

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