SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover 500ml RTU

Bottle: 500ml
Sale price$26.00


We recommend that you first treat visible mould with our San-Air Surface Mould remover. Secondly place our mould gels to continue to kill mould and to prevent mould regrowth. 



  • Kills 99% of bacteria, mould, and germs.

How it works:

The non-corrosive formulation is specially developed to eliminate mould down to the root system.

As the product comes into contact with microbes, on soft or hard surfaces, it causes the mould to die, by stopping it from receiving oxygen. Eliminating its ability to grow and reproduce.

Applied with a spray bottle, it can be used for general cleaning or for treating specific areas.


  • SAN-AIR proprietary essential oils, Isopropyl Acohol, purified water.
  • 100% Australian Made.
  • Surface including walls, ceilings, furniture etc.
  • Air conditioning systems.
  • Refrigerators and cold storage.
  • Pet Friendly.
  • Food safe certification.

Life-Span: 2 years shelf life.


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