Save your leisure equipment from mould infestation. One treatment lasts for months!

SAN-AIR delivered real results that lasted 8 months!

On September 9th 2018 we posted an article showing the great results from using SAN-AIR on an outdoor umbrella 8 months ago.

At that time we talked about how using SAN-AIR, we had successfully kept our outdoor umbrella canvas from going mouldy for the past 8 MONTHS.  We have 2 identical umbrellas, one treated with SAN-AIR and one left as is to survive the elements without any help.

8 months ago both umbrellas looked grotty and mouldy. So we cleaned one with SAN-AIR and not the other. A personal live experiment.

Another 2 months later, after heavy rain, it is still working!

During September and October, there was a significant amount of rain.

6 weeks after the September post, during the rain, we took the featured photo. Seen together, it is very clear that SAN-AIR is having a long-lasting effect on keeping the treated umbrella free of mould.

How did we treat the umbrella?

We used SAN-AIR Surface Mould Remover. 

The steps we took were

  1. we filled a large laundry tub (big enough to hold the canvas) with water and 100ml of SAN-AIR,
  2. then we soaked the canvas ensuring it was completely wetted,
  3. left to soak overnight,
  4. then drained the tub and rinsed the canvas with clean water
  5. the canvas was then hung out to dry
  6. once dried, we used the remainder of the SAN-AIR spray to leave a generous coating all over the canvas and allowed to air dry
  7. the canvas was then reinstalled on the umbrella frame

This procedure will work on tents and other camping gear.