Mould Control - Home 75g

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Mould Control Home by San-Air is our range of anti-bacterial sterilisers and sanitisers, to keep your indoor environments fresh, clean, fragrant and free of Mould, which brings a host of health issues for both people and pets.

The Jar: Containing an aromatic gel, these are slowly released into the air in your room, helping to prevent Mould forming. and are your front-line defenders against bacteria growth in your home or workplace

Mould Control Home is our classic size and the go-to regular for many Mould Control users. Can be used anywhere, from the kitchen to the bathroom, the shed, office, bedroom, cupboards, car, caravan, you name it. If Mould can grow there, Mould Control Home can help you control it.

Simply open the jar, tear off the seal, return the cap on and twist the lid, and place the jar in somewhere dark, damp, humid or at effect of mould (Under sinks, in bathrooms, cupboards are great places) and allow the particles to flow into the room, helping to neutralise and kill particles of mould, mildew and bacteria that were attempting to form. This keeps your inside as fresh as the outside.

Child Safe, Food Safe, Leave on Sanitiser and Anti Bacterial Sanitisers

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