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Don't Fight the Silverfish? use our handy and durable silverfish trap - made from recyclable cardboard - you will be rid of the critters in no time. Natural and responsible, easy to use, and easy to place.

Directly effective after placing the trap
Our silverfish trap imitates a natural hiding place for shy critters. After the silverfish walk into the trap, they get stuck on a natural adhesive layer. The sticky trap does its job immediately after placement.

Are silverfish a threat to my health?
No, silverfish do not pose a direct threat to your health. However, they do spread bacteria in your kitchen cabinets and foodstuffs. Their presence often indicates an increased level of humidity.

Why is it so important to control the silverfish problem?
It’s definitely recommended to control the silverfish problem. The little insects feed themselves with mould and food scraps, but also with paper and other natural fibres. The silverfish can cause serious damage to books, paintings, clothes, curtains and wallpaper.

What is the best way to get rid of the silverfish?
To get rid of your silverfish, it’s important to ventilate your house on a regular basis. Keep your house clean and the humidity level low. Make sure to close all gaps and cracks, and to store clothes and papers properly. Use a sticky trap to catch the remaining silverfish in your house.

Why is Super Ninja’s sticky trap so effective?
Silverfish are light-shy insects. Our carton sticky trap imitates their natural hiding place. By placing the trap in a strategic spot, near the source of the problem, the little bugs will be easily lured into the trap. The glue with natural protein makes the trap even more appealing and ensures that the silverfish get stuck and can’t get out.

Is the sustainable silverfish trap immediately effective?
Yes, the sticky trap works directly. You can unfold the trap in a split second, after which it’s ready to use. It just needs to be placed in a strategic spot, near the source of the problem. Just within a few days, you will catch most of the silverfish. Of course, it depends on the size of the problem to what extent the sticky trap will help you to get rid of the small animals. A bigger silverfish invasion? Use more Silverfish Ninja traps to catch them all.

How often should I replace the silverfish sticky traps?
Within only a few days you will be able to catch most of the silverfish in your house. Of course, it depends on the size of the plague and how long it takes to fill a trap. We recommend replacing the Silverfish Ninja after three months, although often it will remain effective for a longer period of time.

What makes the Silverfish Super Ninja so sustainable?
In short: everything. We tried our best to make the Silverfish Ninja 100% sustainable. From the trap itself, the packaging, to the manufacturing and transportation.
The trap and packaging are made from recycled – and recyclable – unbleached carton. We keep the manufacturing process simple, without unnecessary proceedings that won’t add value to the effectiveness and usability of the product.

Is the Silverfish Ninja safe to use?
Definitely. The used materials are food grade. The product is very safe to use and can be placed everywhere, also in the kitchen.


Made of natural ingredients and recycled materials

The silverfish sticky trap is made of recycled – and recyclable – in an unbleached carton. The glue contains natural protein, which makes the sticky trap even more appealing to the silverfish.


Easy to use and place, near the source of the problem

One package contains 3 flat traps. The silverfish traps can be easily folded open and are then immediately ready for use. They then only need to be placed in a spot close to the source of the problem.  


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