SAN-AIR Mould Control Cleaner and Sanitiser Spray 500ml RTU

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We recommend that you first treat visible mould with the Mould Control Spray. Secondly, place our mould gels to continue to kill mould and prevent mould regrowth. 


Mould Control: Cleaner and Sanitiser Spray is your Chemical Free Anti-Mould solution, for any tricky mould patches or areas you need to clean. Bacteria can grow and spread quickly, so it's important to hit it at the source, and get it cleaned right away.
We can help with that, and sanitise the area at the same time, ensuring you get the thorough clean your home or workplace deserves.

Simply spray, leave for 10 minutes, and wipe clean.

It may require some scrubbing if the Mould problem has been there some time, and is in fabric, carpet, or tile grout, but it will remove any organic matter and substance from the mould patch so you can be sure your surface is clean and ok to use.

Say goodbye to breathing in mould, bacteria and mildew, as Mould Control releases into the air

and kills potential mould spores before they settle and form.


Mould can be quite detrimental to the health of humans and animals alike, especially pets and children that are closer to the ground, where the concentration of bacteria is strong.

Mould & Bacteria

can bring on cases of flu, fevers and infections, exacerbate existing illnesses or also worsen conditions

for asthmatics.


  • Kills 99% of bacteria, mould, and germs.

How it works:

The non-corrosive formulation is specially developed to eliminate mould down to the root system.

As the product comes into contact with microbes, on soft or hard surfaces, it causes the mould to die, by stopping it from receiving oxygen. Eliminating its ability to grow and reproduce.

Applied with a spray bottle, it can be used for general cleaning or for treating specific areas.


  • SAN-AIR proprietary essential oils, Isopropyl Alcohol, and purified water.
  • 100% Australian Made.
  • Surface including walls, ceilings, furniture etc.
  • Air conditioning systems.
  • Refrigerators and cold storage.
  • Pet Friendly.
  • Food safe certification.

Life-Span: 2 years shelf life.


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