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Downunder Magnesium Oil 1 Litre Bottle + 2 Free 60ml Spray Bottles (2 Year Supply)

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Boost your magnesium levels with our 1L magnesium oil. Perfect for those who use magnesium oil as a daily ritual, our 1L bottle has all the wellness superpower you need to live your best life.  Instantly absorbed through your skin, it takes just two minutes to work at a cellular level.

Magnesium oil is Mother Nature’s secret weapon to enrich your wellness and relieve the stress of daily life. It’s a versatile, natural, effortless way to ease many health problems and rebalance your body. Spray it on your skin daily or add 3-4 capfuls to a warm bath for a deeply relaxing way to nourish your body.

Our 1L magnesium oil bottle is a two-year supply for use on all ages, including sporty kids, pregnant or breastfeeding mums, and the elderly. With 2 free 60ml spray bottles included, it’s an easy way to share the magic of magnesium with the whole family.


Use me daily to

  • Relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Encourage restful, deep sleep
  • Ease neck, back and joint pain
  • Calm cramps and restless legs
  • Absorb calcium
  • Increase energy
  • Enhance gut health
  • Balance hormones and improve your mood
  • Combat headaches, migraines and pre-menstrual pain
  • Prepare your muscles for exercise
  • Recover from muscle pain after sport or injury
  • Fight sugar cravings

~ Routine Ritual ~

How to use me

Pour 3-4 capfuls into a warm bath for a sensual way to unwind and ease stress.

Decant into Downunder Magnesium spray bottle and spritz:

Morning. 1-3 sprays on your neck, shoulders and lower back.

Night. 1-3 sprays on your lower back and legs before bed.

Before exercise. 1-3 sprays on your neck, shoulders, lower back and legs.

Massage gently into your skin and reflect on your affirmations.


AFFIRMATION I am energised. I am nourished. I am one. I am calm.

What’s inside me

  • Organic magnesium chloride
  • Distilled water

I’m also…

Non-sticky. Non-gritty. Residue-free.

Non-toxic. Superior food-grade quality. Made with love.

TIP | Keep me next to your toothbrush. Spray me when you go out to face the world in the morning and before you snuggle down to sleep at night.


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