LICE ATTACK - Natural Head Lice Treatment

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Our LICE ATTACK NATURAL HEAD LICE TREATMENT is 100% Natural - Made in Australia

kills head lice & eggs on contact and eradicates infestations immediately.

Our Lice Attack product is a great all-rounder throughout the year as unfortunately can never predict when they will infiltrate! However, winter is a more common season due to being in closer proximity to others.  As Lice Attack has a 3-year shelf life, it is great to have in stock for when you need it.

This natural formula represents the most economical and effective head lice treatment on the market.
+Kills Head Lice & Eggs on Contact
+Fast, Easy & Effective
+TGA Listed ( L 142596)
+Simple Application
+Safe & Effective
+3 Year Shelf Life

Naturally, it really works!


Download the product, Safety Sheets.

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