San-Air Mini Auto Hands Free Air Sanitiser and Humidifier Pack

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Our Intelligent Sensor Alcohol Sprayer protects the health of the whole family, alcohol spray can easily sterilize in 30 seconds. This mobile sterilizer is automatic and contactless.

Includes a 500ml bottle of our: 

SAN-AIR V3 Commercial / Household Grade Surface Disinfectant

  • Infrared Application Technology
  • Wavelength – Sensing Distance
  • Sensitive Receiving
  • Charging Time: 1-1.2 hours
  • Hygienic

INFRARED AUTOMATIC INDUCTION: Turn on the alcohol dispenser, put your hands or other devices you want to clean at the 0-12cm on infrared automatic induction, the alcohol will fog out in one second to help you to sterilize, non-contact sprayer, health, and safety.

DISINFECTANT SPRAYER: 45ml alcohol bottle, portable to carry outside, convenient to use in your home, restaurant, school, hotel, etc.

USB CHARGING: Equipped with a Type-C USB cable to charge the device, It has 2 modes, press once turns on the sensor and by placing your hands over the top it activates the disinfectant to sanitise your hands, if you double click the on button it will put the sprayer into intermittent spray mode which will keep dispensing into the air.

MATERIAL: Made of ABS environmentally friendly material, safe and anti-corrosion. With a waterproof function, you can also use it in a humid environment.

WARNING: Our products use San-Air Disinfectant liquid. DO NOT use other viscous liquid.

  • 1. Function: Oxygenation, disinfection
  • 2. Noise: 36dB or less
  • 3. Capacity: 120ml
  • 4. Size: 6.5x7.5x10cm
  • 5. Rated voltage: 5v
  • 6. Rated power: 5w
  • 7. Net weight: 180g
  • 8. Battery capacity: 1200mah
  • 9. Applicable area: Less than 10 square meters
  • 10. Power supply mode: USB
  • 11. Product accessories: Host, charging cable, cotton swab, user manual
  • 12. Features: Timing jet, infrared sensor, no contact

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