Green Gobbler -Liquid Hair & Grease Drain Clog Dissolver (2 applications per bottle)

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Great to unclog all Drains , just pour and see the magic !! (2 Applications per bottle)


  • Dual-chambered bottle contains two pre-measured applications
  • Liquefies organic material, including hair, grease, oil, fats and sludge
  • Safer than using corrosive sodium hydroxide and bleach
  • Does not damage drains, pipes and septic systems


Our liquid hair clog remover will break down the hair that’s stuck in your bathroom drain. It liquefies oils and soap scum, too. Clearing a clog has never been easier.

Dissolve is a fast-acting hair clog remover from Green Gobbler. Our high-density formula sticks to pipe walls to liquefy drain obstructions caused by hair, oils, fats, sludge, paper products and other organic material.


  • Sinks and Tubs: Pour one chamber slowly into drain. Allow product to sit in drain for at least 30 minutes. Then flush with the hottest water possible.
  • Toilets: Pour both chambers slowly into toilet. Allow product to sit at least 2 hours or preferably overnight. Once water has come down to normal level, flush toilet.
  • Note: For difficult obstructions, repeat treatment and allow product to sit in drain overnight. Then flush with boiling water (please use caution when handling boiling water).


What are the ingredients in The Drain Dissolver?

Dissolve is a proprietary patented blend of caustic replacement designed to safely remove clogs from drains and toilets. It contains no harsh chemicals.

Does Dissolver contain sodium hydroxide?

No. It doesn’t.

What will the Dissolver work on?

Dissolve is primarily used to liquefy grease, hair, baby wipes, paper, soap scum and feminine products. Unfortunately, it will not liquefy plastic products, metal products, toys and fabrics.

Is the Dissolver Toilet, Kitchen Sink and Septic tank Safe?

Yes. Dissolve is non-caustic. It is completely Toilet, Kitchen Sink and Septic Tank Safe.

Does the Dissolver contain any harmful chemicals such as chlorine/chloride or any halide chemicals?

No. It contains no harsh chemicals. It is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients.

Is Dissolver safe for all types of pipes and drain systems?

Yes. It is non acidic and won’t harm or affect the pipes in any negative way.


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