Drain Weasel Starter Kit

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The Drain Weasel Starter Kit – Bathroom hair clog remover kit

- includes one rotating handle and 2 micro-hook refill wands.

The wands are 45.72 cm long and super slim at 3.18 mm in diameter. Hair is the #1 cause of slow bathroom drains. If you have a slow-running sink, tub, or shower drain, it's likely that hair and soap scum have accumulated near the top of the drain around the drain stopper.

Chemical drain cleaners take 30-60 minutes and are often not 100% effective on these types of slow running or blocked drains. The Drain Weasel Hair Clog Tool, with its patented micro-hook tip, fixes these types of clogged drains Instantly

INSTANT CLOG REMOVER: Fix hair-clogged bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers FAST. The secret is our incredible patented micro-hook tip, which locks into hair, filth, and grime when you spin the handle.

ULTRA-THIN DESIGN: Measuring 18 inches long by only 1/8 inch diameter, the Drain Weasel "weasels" its way to hard-to-reach bathroom hair clogs. The ultra-thin and flexible tool winds around curves and slips into most drains and grates without plumbing disassembly. 

EASY TO USE: Not a plumber? No problem! Our easy-to-use drain opener tool works in 3 steps. Simply insert the wand, rotate the handle, and remove the clog. After unclogging, toss the wand in the trash and replace it with a fresh refill wand - clean hands, clean drain!

REUSABLE "QUICK-CONNECT" HANDLE: Featuring quick-connect technology and a molded plastic handle, our shower drain cleaner refill wand remains securely in place as you work! A strong durable product, which is a must-have in all homes.                                                                                                                                                                           4 and 5-STAR REVIEWS: Try the Drain Weasel and discover why it’s one of the most popular DIY plumbing snake drain cleaners around!


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