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SAN-AIR Pet Odour Eliminator Gel 75g

Easy to Use & Highly Effective


Unscrew the Lid


Peel the Seal


Replace Lid & Open Vents

Reclaim Your Home From Unpleasant Smells.

The SAN-AIR Pet Odour Eliminator is specially designed for all indoor living environments frequented by your fur babies to completely destroy faecal bacteria and accompanying smells.

Our pet friendly odour eliminator is perfect to place around pet bedding and litter trays as it evaporates and spreads throughout the indoor air space, killing 99% of airborne bacteria and spores.  


100% Safe For Dogs and People.

SAN-AIR use ingredients such as proprietary essential oils, purified water and natural binding agents to keep their products safe for pets, humans, and all indoor environments. This means their products don't contain any harsh petroleum-based ingredients that could harm you or your fur babies. 

Lasts 6-8 Weeks, Once Opened

Safe for Dogs & Humans

Used in Veterinary Hospitals & Shelters

What Our Customers Say


Donna Sardjono

✔ Verified Customer

Very helpful customer service. I had an issue with the code at checkout , and they’ve promptly followed up to provide solution. I look forward to receiving my order. Thank you Russell

Julie Caust

✔ Verified Customer

Such an easy purchase. Very effective product, quick shipping and email updates to let me know the progress of my order. Highly recommend.

Andy Pickup

✔ Verified Customer

Great service thanks. Quality product, quality experience! Well done.

Nicole Manning

✔ Verified Customer

Pet odour gel is fabulous. Really works. Great product and fast delivery

Naomi Brett

✔ Verified Customer

Great company with lovely staff, fantastic prices and insanely fast dispatch and shipping. Would definitely recommend <3


✔ Verified Customer

Pet odour neutraliser is working well in the laundry to minimise litter odour. I highly recommend it!

Richard Lunz

✔ Verified Customer

Ordered and arrived in 24hrs
Product in use
Happy customer
Great service
Great Team!!

Judith Walker

✔ Verified Customer

Great service but i did not buy enough....now I need more

Brea E

✔ Verified Customer

I was blown away with how well the san air products work. We had a musky smell coming from the split systems when not used all the time or on low alot and it’s gone now. The cat litter smell is also gone as I have one near the box. Highly recommend

Matthew Clarke

✔ Verified Customer

Great products and quick and prompt service 👌

Debbie Meadows

✔ Verified Customer

Thanks for getting our order posted and on its way so quickly

Oren Glick

✔ Verified Customer

Great service, great product. Thanks for the speedy delivery. Much Appreciated

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